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Tome AI: AI-Generated Presentations

By 21st August 2023August 26th, 2023Tome AI
Rabbit AI: Tome AI

Are you tired of finding presentations boring to put together? If that’s the situation, you can be sure that your audience will also feel quite uninterested while watching. We understand your struggle: if only there existed a method to automatically generate presentations. Well, you might be pleased to discover that such a solution does exist, and it comes in the form of an AI-powered application named Tome AI.

Tome AI serves as an automated tool for crafting presentations, equipped with a range of features that not only simplify the process of creating slides but also enhance their appeal. Curious about whether Tome is worth investing in? Wondering if the free version of Tome holds up? The best way to get answers is to delve into what the platform brings to the table. We undertake exactly that task in this comprehensive guide, offering a detailed review of Tome AI and highlighting its potential use cases.

Within the scope of this article, we take an in-depth look at Tome AI, closely examining its array of features and the advantages it offers. We also delve into the proper methods of utilizing this tool effectively.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Tome AI?
  2. How to use Tome AI?
  3. Is Tome AI free?
  4. How Much Does Tome AI Cost?
  5. Use Cases of Tome AI
  6. Benefits of Tome AI
  7. Features of Tome AI
  8. Conclusion
  9. Tome AI Frequently Asked Questions

So for everything you need to know about Tome AI, keep reading.

What is Tome AI?

Tome AI presents an innovative AI-powered platform designed to transform the way we craft and deliver presentations. Its advanced generative abilities ensure quicker and more efficient content creation.

Distinct from conventional presentation software, Tome AI employs artificial intelligence to craft distinctive and captivating presentations. Through generative algorithms, this state-of-the-art tool can automatically produce text, visuals, and even complete storylines based on user input. No longer will you need to spend hours seeking suitable templates or grappling with fresh concepts – Tome AI takes care of it all.

In simple terms, Tome employs artificial intelligence for swift and engaging presentation creation. It accomplishes this by utilizing themed templates, AI-generated content like words and images, as well as additional features such as animations, videos, graphs, and more. All of these functions are managed by AI technology, meaning you only need to instruct the AI assistant or describe your requirements.

In essence, Tome significantly expedites the presentation design process. Not only does it simplify and accelerate presentation creation, but it also enhances engagement and visual appeal.

How To Use Tome AI?

Tome AI

Step 1: Join the Tome AI free plan

Go to the Tome AI website and join their free plan. This plan gives you plenty of things to try out the tool. You can create multiple presentations using the free credits they offer, and you only have to think about upgrading when you’ve used those up.

Step 2: Create Your First Presentation

Click on the ‘Create’ button located at the upper right corner of the screen. This action will provide you with various choices. Next, opt for “Craft a presentation about…” and compose your request. Your request can cover any topic you wish, and Tome will generate a presentation accordingly.

Tome AI

We talked about the different templates provided by Tome AI. These templates are the simplest way to begin creating new presentations. Tome is here to assist everyone in sharing their ideas, whether you’re running a big company, starting a business alone, or creating something for your own use.

  • Founders & Entrepreneurs
  • Sales & Pitch decks
  • Marketing
  • Creative
  • Product & Design
  • Education
  • Personal
  • Themes
  • Career

Plus, there’s more. These templates come ready-made, with the right look and relevant sections included. Then, all you need to do is add or remove slides, type in descriptions for the AI to help you write, and ask the AI to create the images you want. Even if you want to start a presentation from the beginning, the AI makes it simple using text suggestions.

You can type in things like “begin a presentation about X” or “switch theme to X,” and the AI will take care of it. But it’s not only prompts. Tome AI also lets you choose actions from toolbars and menus, drag and drop sections, and manually type descriptions. So, even when using AI writing tools like “Rewrite,” “Shorten,” and “Extend,” you still have a hands-on role in creating.

Step 3: Make Changes to Your Presentation Using Tome

Tome is built to be a helpful AI tool for teamwork, making the process super easy. Once you’ve made your presentation, tap the text box below to view all the editing choices. Here, you can freely modify the presentation, include new slides, or even request Tome to create fresh pictures using AI.

Is Tome AI Free?

Feel free to use Tome AI without any cost. It’s not just a trial, but a free option that lets you create as many Tomes (presentations) as you want. Of course, there are some limits:

  • Limited creation for 2 or more users working together
  • 500 AI credits

Though it might not seem like a large number, these “AI credits” are used for generating AI narratives, images, and editing text with AI. Once you’ve used up those 500 credits, you won’t be able to access those features anymore. With the free Tome AI, you also won’t have the ability to export presentations to PDF, design custom logos, get priority support, or create presentations without the Tome branding.

So while the free plan of the platform allows you to make countless presentations, the 500 AI credits work as a trial for the AI tools. Additionally, the presence of Tome branding on presentations from the free plan might not give the professional look you’re aiming for.

How Much Does Tome AI Cost?

Tome AI

Tome provides two paid plans: Pro and Enterprise. Pro suits creators and teams, while Enterprise suits organizations and big businesses. The Tome Enterprise is a personalized plan for extensive use and specific needs. Therefore, it doesn’t come with a fixed price for everyone. On the other hand, Tome Pro costs $10 per month or $8 per month with yearly billing (you pay for a whole year at once).

So, what does Tome Pro bring to the table? It’s essentially an all-inclusive package that covers everything needed by an individual user or a team. This includes unlimited AI credits and unrestricted access to the platform tools, PDF exports, custom logos, priority support, and no Tome branding on projects. It’s worth mentioning that Tome AI Pro isn’t very expensive, especially when compared to the prices of other AI tools.

Use Cases of Tome AI

You now understand that Tome AI automates creating presentations. With its array of AI tools, the platform AI offers numerous impressive applications. What types of presentations can creators generate using Tome AI? How does Tome simplify the process? Let’s delve into some noteworthy use cases for the platform.

  1. Product Design Reviews and Pitches: Presentations aimed at pitching product concepts or reviewing product designs require both compelling content and informative visuals. This is where Tome AI comes in handy. By utilizing AI-generated text, images, and animations, the platform can automate product descriptions and enhance slide aesthetics effortlessly.
  2. Design Portfolios: Freelancers commonly use website platforms to showcase their work and attract clients. However, Tome AI offers a more effective alternative. It enables freelancers to create sleek, professional presentations that include all the necessary content for clients and customers. With portfolio templates, links, and mobile responsiveness, sharing presentations becomes effortless across various devices.
  3. Sharing Personal Stories and Presentations: In various social and professional contexts, individuals frequently find themselves compelled to communicate their personal stories, experiences, and insights. This act of sharing goes beyond mere information exchange; it serves as a powerful means of connecting with others on a deeper level.
  4. All-Hands Meetings: For businesses conducting regular meetings, whether virtual or in-person, Tome AI proves to be a valuable AI tool. It streamlines presentation creation through templates and AI automation, significantly reducing the time required. Furthermore, it enhances the appeal and engagement of company presentations, benefiting both employers and employees.

Benefits of Tome AI

Tome AI, an AI-powered presentation platform, brings several advantages that could transform the way we make and give presentations. A key feature of the platform is its capacity to produce lively and captivating content. No more endless searches for the right images or struggling to think of interesting text. With Tome AI, users can effortlessly use its creative tools to craft visually appealing presentations that grab their audience’s attention.

Furthermore, Tome AI offers a wide array of templates and tools to assist users in shaping their presentation narrative. Whether you require a polished pitch deck or an informative slideshow for a board meeting, the platform has your back. By using these tools, people can save time and effort, allowing them to concentrate on refining their delivery and ensuring their message gets across effectively.

Another notable advantage of Tome AI is its integration with Google and other websites. This enables users to seamlessly access and include external content in their presentations, enriching their storytelling and providing valuable context. Additionally, the platform boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of varying levels of experience. Even those unfamiliar with presentation software can easily navigate the app and generate impressive presentations quickly.

In a similar vein, it’s important to mention that Tome AI’s collaborative features enhance its appeal. This makes it a great choice for teams working together on presentations, as they can collectively contribute their ideas and expertise to create a comprehensive and impactful presentation.

Features of Tome AI

To sum it up, the platform offers the following main features:

  • Pre-designed templates and themes
  • AI-generated text (for titles, headers, and descriptions)
  • AI-powered image creation
  • AI-driven animations
  • Integration with third-party apps (like Figma, GIPHY, and others)
  • Collaborative workspaces for real-time teamwork
  • Companion mobile application

Tome brings a wide array of appealing features to the table. It employs various AI tools to automate the presentation creation process, all of which can be utilized by providing simple text instructions to the AI. The AI image generation, utilizing DALL-E 2 (currently one of the leading tools for creating AI-generated images), makes it effortless to produce unique images for your slides.

Moreover, the built-in AI storytelling formats instantly enhance the phrasing of titles, headings, and descriptions, making the text more concise and captivating. What’s also fantastic is the flexibility offered by Tome AI. You can either start from scratch or choose a template to structure your presentation. These templates come with pre-made themes, text suggestions, image samples, and more, all of which can be customized according to your needs.


Tome AI makes creating presentations quicker and simpler. This artificial intelligence can help you outline presentations for different purposes and generate text, images, animations, and more to make the process even smoother.

Furthermore, Tome enhances presentations’ attractiveness and engagement through built-in storytelling formats, professionally designed templates and themes, and various integrations with third-party apps. In summary, it’s a great option for those seeking faster presentation creation, increased engagement, or both.

Tome boasts a sleek and minimalistic interface. With user-friendly AI prompts to initiate any process, it’s also perfect for beginners to get started easily.

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Tome AI Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tome AI?

Tome AI stands as a creative presentation desk fueled by cutting-edge AI technology. Its advanced generative features assure to speed up and enhance content creation like never before. The goal is to transform both the crafting and delivery of presentations.

Is Tome AI Free?

You have the option to utilize Tome AI without any cost. Yet, the most potent capabilities become accessible with Pro and Enterprise memberships. These advanced features can be unlocked by opting for a subscription.

What is Tome AI used for?

Tome AI makes interesting presentations using AI. People can automate this using text prompts and different AI tools, such as AI-generated text using ChatGPT, AI image creation using DALL-E 2, and more.

Who created Tome AI?

Tome AI got made by Keith Peiris and Henri Liriani, who started it together. This AI tool is well-liked. It aids folks in making complete presentations through artificial intelligence and automation. It uses robust AI models from OpenAI, like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2.

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