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Does Character AI Save Chats?

By 6th August 2023August 26th, 2023Character AI
AI Rabbit: Does Character AI Save Chats?

Are there alternatives to ChatGPT? Absolutely, and one of the most renowned options is Character AI. This platform not only enables you to create personalized chatbots but also facilitates interactions with fellow users. Interestingly, you can engage with a chatbot designed to emulate celebrities or other well-known public figures. The platform’s popularity has skyrocketed, recently culminating in a valuation of $1 billion. Now, a pivotal question arises: “Does Character AI save chats?”

Indeed, Character AI does retain conversations. However, concerns about its safety have emerged. Numerous users engage in discussions encompassing highly private, sensitive, and confidential information. Intriguingly, the privacy policy implies that the staff and developers behind Character AI might actively monitor your interactions.

To equip you with comprehensive insights for making informed choices, we’ve delved deep into the world of Character AI. This effort aims to furnish you with a clear understanding of the platform’s functions, data collection practices, and its overall safety quotient.

This guide serves as your comprehensive resource for all things related to Character AI. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be empowered to navigate your interactions with the chatbot in a manner that aligns with your preferences. Our coverage includes:

  1. What is Character AI and How Does It Work?
  2. Does Character AI Save Chats?
  3. Character AI’s Privacy Policy Explained
  4. Is Character AI Safe?
  5. Can You Use Character AI Privately?
  6. How to Save Chats in Character AI
  7. Safety Measures For Users on Character AI
  8. Should I Use Character AI?
  9. Conclusion

What is Character AI and How Does It Work?

In the realm of new generative AI tools, Character AI shines as a standout. Developed by former Google engineers Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Fritas, this platform offers a distinctive approach to interactive AI chatbots. Utilizing a neural network trained on vast datasets, Character AI enables you to craft and engage with role-playing chat bots.

As the brainchild of Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Fritas, both former Google engineers, Character AI was conceived as a playful twist on generative AI-based chatbots. Currently ranked second in popularity after OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Character AI garners an impressive 190 million monthly visitors.

Creating an AI-powered character of your choice and interacting with it becomes a breeze with Character AI. Be it a living being, a historical figure, or even an inanimate object, you can specify the character you wish to engage with. Their proprietary technology then crafts a chat bot tailored to the chosen personality.

This AI-generated persona encompasses various traits, including the character’s demeanor, sense of humor, viewpoints, and even political leanings — all the elements that define them.

AI Rabbit: Does Character AI Save Chats?

Beyond mere questioning, the AI-chatbot serves as a versatile tool for holding conversations, cracking jokes, or assisting with research. Curious about George Washington’s leisure activities? Fancy some one-liners from Bob Saget? Perhaps insights from lesser-known research papers by Sigmund Freud? Pose your inquiries to their AI-generated counterparts.

Although the information provided may not be entirely accurate, the tool remains an entertaining and intriguing means to harness the capabilities of AI.

The platform also boasts the option to engage with chatbots created by other users, a prominent feature. Moreover, your past conversations are conveniently stored in your account history for effortless retrieval.

So, Does Character AI save chats? Indeed, this platform offers a fascinating way to explore and interact with AI-generated personas while enjoying the convenience of saved conversations.

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Does Character AI Save Chats?

The answer is Yes, Character AI retains your chat records, allowing you to resume conversations with previously interacted characters.

Each conversation initiated through Character AI remains accessible, and company staff could potentially view and review them. Unlike messages transmitted via platforms such as WhatsApp, Character AI chats lack encryption.

The Character AI Privacy Policy sheds more light on this aspect, as we’ll delve into shortly in the next section.

Character AI’s Privacy Policy Explained

When you create a Character AI account, you’ll need to provide your email address and choose a password. Afterward, you’ll need to confirm your email and select a username. According to Character AI’s privacy policy, they collect various types of information, including:

  • Communication details (such as support requests)
  • Log data (like IP address and device name)
  • Website cookies (including persistent ones)
  • Usage information (how you use the service)

“Usage information” refers to how you utilize the service, as defined by Character AI. Interestingly, unlike the other sections, this is placed within the “log data” paragraph in the privacy policy.

Usage information encompasses the “content you view or interact with, features you use, your actions, and the timing, frequency, and duration of your activities.”

Character AI also mentions that they might monitor the content you input to ensure it’s appropriate and doesn’t contain personal information.

There are several intriguing points in this privacy policy, to say the least. Overall, it could definitely be made clearer.

One notable aspect is the unclear term “actions you take” in the usage information. It’s not specified what exactly Character AI means by “actions.” Does this refer to chats or other activities? It’s not immediately clear.

Comparing Character AI’s privacy policy with ChatGPT’s would raise questions about how Character AI uses chat data. In Character AI’s policy:

  • It doesn’t explicitly state if they train bots using chat data.
  • Information on whether staff are trained with chat data is missing.
  • There’s limited information about encryption or securing chat data.

Character AI seems to categorize all the collected information (log data, communication info, usage info) as “Personal Information.” These are grouped under the “Personal Information We Collect” section, which also mentions Character AI’s potential content monitoring.

Is Character AI Safe?

At present, Character AI has security limitations. Initially, it lacks multi-factor authentication, making users susceptible to breaches. The privacy policy is vague about developer access to user chats, and chats are not encrypted. Could Character AI staff read conversations? Yes, they could. This raises caution for interactions.

Regarding content control, Character AI enforces strict NSFW filters, barring explicit or violent dialogues from characters. However, past glitches led to public chat leaks. Considering these concerns, sharing sensitive data during Character AI interactions isn’t advisable.

Character AI’s safety is uncertain. It collects extensive user data, but server security details are scarce. To enhance privacy, use a VPN and an alternate email for registration.

While users can’t access chats of other chatbots, Character AI staff can read unencrypted chats. There have been reports of chat leaks. couldn’t confirm this, but ChatGPT also faced exposure issues.

Despite NSFW filters, rare instances of characters delivering inappropriate messages occur. Users sensitive to such content should be cautious.

In summary, does Character AI save chats? Yes, which raises concerns about privacy and security.

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Can You Use Character AI Privately?

When it comes to AI chatbots like Bard, ChatGPT, and Character AI, it’s important to steer clear of sharing private, sensitive, or confidential information.

Contrary to ChatGPT, Character AI takes a different approach. It doesn’t require your phone number for account setup, adding a touch of extra privacy compared to ChatGPT.

Signing up for Character AI is a breeze – just an email address and password do the trick. To maintain a higher level of privacy with Character AI, consider crafting a new email address and employing a VPN to conceal your IP address while using the service.

However, using a VPN to evade blocks or bans set by the website could lead to a violation of the Terms of Service.

Yet, it’s essential to bear in mind that your interactions might still be under surveillance and kept on record. Hence, holding a completely confidential conversation with a Character AI chatbot remains a challenge. The same applies to ChatGPT, as concerns linger around how OpenAI’s chatbot manages user data.

How to Save Chats in Character AI

Is it possible to save conversations using Character AI? Absolutely! The process is simple: just locate the three dots situated at the upper right-hand corner of the chat window.

Once you’ve found them, give them a click. You’ll then see an option popping up, allowing you to save the current conversation before initiating a fresh chat. Give that button a click, and you’re all set!

AI Rabbit: Does Character AI Save Chats?

Ensuring User Safety on Character AI: Essential Measures

Worried about your privacy with Character AI? Don’t fret! There are steps you can take to safeguard your information while enjoying the platform:

  1. Keep Personal Info to Yourself: Be cautious about sharing sensitive or personal details during chats, whether they’re about you or someone else.
  2. Stick to Generic Terms: If you’re discussing sensitive matters or divulging personal or work-related info, it’s a good idea to use general terms or fake names to keep things confidential.
  3. Give the Privacy Policy a Once-Over: Stay up-to-date on Character AI’s privacy policy and any changes to know how they gather, use, and share personal data.
  4. Set Up a Separate Account: To create your Character AI account, it’s smart to use a dedicated or temporary email address that’s easy to access.
  5. Add an Extra Layer with a VPN: For an added privacy boost, consider using a virtual private network (VPN) when using Character AI.

Should I Use Character AI?

Character AI presents an entertaining chatbot experience, offering ample enjoyment. Nonetheless, as you read through this piece, it becomes evident that taking certain safety measures is prudent while engaging with it. These measures encompass:

  • Employing an extended, intricate, and distinctive password for your account.
  • Refraining from entering sensitive information into Character AI.
  • Avoiding the use of your professional email or other personal details during the registration process.
  • Bearing in mind that the Character AI team could be overseeing your conversations.

It’s advisable to apply the same precautions when utilizing ChatGPT, Bard, or any other prevalent chatbot. While these bots exhibit cleverness and utility, the potential hazards of entrusting them with confidential data outweigh their benefits.


In the world of AI-powered chat systems, Character AI stands out as a leader. It provides users with a captivating and immersive chat experience. Its dedication to crafting realistic characters while prioritizing user privacy has gained it significant popularity.

Nevertheless, just like any technology, Character AI does have its limitations and possible drawbacks, especially when it comes to user privacy. While Character AI presents an innovative and thrilling interaction platform, users should be mindful and proactive in protecting their privacy.

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