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Cactus AI: Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

By 17th August 2023August 26th, 2023Cactus AI
AI Rabbit: Cactus AI Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

Disclaimer: Cactus AI and Caktus AI are the same and belong to a single company. Any mentions of Cactus AI or Caktus AI can be used interchangeably, as they refer to the identical organization.

Cactus AI is an AI-powered learning platform developed for both students and teachers alike. The platform includes useful tools such as an essay writer, personal statement writer, coding assistants, and more. The platform is also developing a range of AI-based tools and applications for educators, including chatbots and software that can grade essays and provide feedback. The team behind Cactus is dedicated to using AI to transform education.

This article explores Cactus AI and explain how to leverage its capabilities without spending a dime. Get ready to unlock the potential of AI without breaking the bank!

Table of Content:

  1. What is Cactus AI?
  2. What Can I Do With Cactus AI?
  3. Is Cactus AI Free?
  4. How is Cactus AI different from ChatGPT?
  5. How To Use Cactus AI For School?
  6. How To Use Cactus AI For Free?
  7. Tips on How to Use Cactus AI Efficiently
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Conclusion

What is Cactus AI?

Introducing Cactus AI, an AI designed to enhance your learning experience by making your study tasks more effective and quicker. It streamlines tasks like paper completion, studying, and assignments, all within seconds. Whether you’re working on a discussion post or a lengthy ten-page research essay, Cactus AI has you covered.

Utilizing an extensive language model and the CORE database, Cactus ensures top-notch educational outcomes at an affordable cost, making it an invaluable academic aid beyond the classroom.

The platform has developed a variety of purpose-built tools to assist you in excelling in your academic pursuits. Whether you need study aids, research assistance, or help with essay writing, this platform got your back.

The platform tools are skillfully crafted to address your everyday academic requirements, providing you with the necessary resources for success. Don’t hesitate! Begin exploring our collection of exceptional learning tools today and elevate your academic journey.

What Can I Do With Cactus AI?

Cactus AI can assist you in completing assignments and achieving your academic objectives effortlessly. Some of the main features include:

  1. Enhance your writing: Improve your essays, citations, and academic references. Attain the A+ grade you merit with the assistance of the Cactus writing companion.
  2. Understand Math and Science: Tackle equations, word problems, and utilize the Math Keyboard. Overcome obstacles with easy-to-follow solutions for math, science, and physics, all presented in plain language.
  3. Learn to Code: Whether it’s Python, Java, or any of the other 10 languages, Cactus serves as your all-in-one resource for coding assistance.

Is Cactus AI Free?

After signing up on Cactus, you’ll receive 20,000 free credits. These credits offer substantial value and are sufficient for exploring the tool prior to making a decision to buy. If you discover that it fulfills all your requirements, you have the option to buy a membership that grants indefinite access to Cactus.

Cactus AI offers two payment options, both granting unlimited usage:

  • A monthly premium plan priced at $14.99
  • A yearly premium plan priced at $99.99

How is Cactus AI different from ChatGPT?

Cactus sources information from its dedicated academic database, catering primarily to students. Additionally, Cactus tailors its approach to match your individual writing style, offering various educational resources crafted to enrich the learning experience.

In terms of differentiation between Cactus AI and ChatGPT, Cactus operates by retrieving content from its exclusive academic repository, making it particularly geared towards students. Moreover, Cactus customizes its methods to align with your distinct writing style, furnishing an array of educational instruments tailored to amplify the learning process. This unique approach sets Cactus apart from ChatGPT.

Cactus AI sets itself apart from ChatGPT through its utilization of a dedicated academic database. This database serves students by providing specialized information. Furthermore, Cactus AI’s adaptive nature ensures that it mirrors your unique writing style, while also furnishing an array of educational tools designed to enhance the learning journey.

How To Use Cactus AI For School?

  1. To get started, log in to your account. If you don’t already have an account, you can easily create one by signing up.
  2. Select a Tool: Take a look at the available Cactus tools and choose the one that best fits your needs. Cactus provides a variety of tools for writing, coding, learning, and more.
  3. Provide Your Requirements: Once you’ve picked a tool, give the necessary information or details about your task. For instance, if you’re using a writing tool, you can specify the essay topic, word count, or any instructions your teacher has given.
  4. Generate the Result: After you’ve supplied the necessary details, click on the “Generate” or “Submit” button to activate the tool. Cactus will process your input and produce the result accordingly.
  5. Check and Make Use of the Result: Once the output is ready, carefully review the outcomes. In the case of coding tools, you might receive code snippets, tips for debugging, or explanations of concepts.

How To Use Cactus AI For Free?

To enjoy the advantages of Cactus AI without spending any money, follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Visit the Cactus AI Website or Get the App

To begin using Cactus AI, go to their official website or download the special mobile app. Both options offer easy access to the platform’s features and services.

Step 2: Make an Account and Log In

Once you’re on the Cactus AI platform, create a new account by giving the necessary information. Make sure to input accurate details for a smooth user experience. After making your account, log in using your credentials.

Step 3: Receive 20,000 Free Credits

Immediately after making a Cactus AI account, you’ll be rewarded with 20,000 free credits. These credits act as virtual currency within the platform, allowing you to try different features and services.

Step 4: Explore the Platform with Your Free Credits

With your 20,000 free credits, you can fully dive into the capabilities of Cactus AI. Utilize them to experiment with the essay writer, personal statement writer, coding assistants, and other features. Use this chance to understand how Cactus AI fits your specific needs.

Step 5: Think About Buying a Membership Plan

If you discover that Cactus AI offers the functionality you need and improves your learning experience, you can opt to buy a membership plan. These plans give you access to extra features and ensure uninterrupted use of the platform.

Step 6: Benefit from Nearly Unlimited Credits

While many AI platforms set daily limits on free usage, Cactus AI stands out by offering users nearly limitless credits upon joining. This lets you continue enjoying the platform’s services without worrying about running out of credits quickly.

Tips on How to Use Cactus AI Efficiently

Here are some valuable suggestions to enhance your utilization of Cactus AI, whether you’re a student or an educator:

  • Take full advantage of the free credits you receive when you create your account. Use them to explore the platform and its features before committing to a membership plan.
  • Tap into the potential of Cactus AI to save time and simplify your workflow. Make use of its various functions, such as the essay writer, personal statement creator, coding helpers, and more.
  • Use Cactus AI as an AI assistant to improve your exercises and increase your productivity. It can provide helpful support and guidance as you learn.
  • Before logging in, preview the different special interest generators found on the dashboard. Get familiar with the choices available to make well-informed decisions.
  • Be cautious when using AI-generated text. Even though the platform is highly advanced, it’s wise to review the content for possible errors or non-original content.
  • Make use of the history feature in Cactus AI. This feature allows you to revisit your exercises, make edits when necessary, or request new outputs as needed.
  • Customize your lessons with Cactus AI to suit the unique needs and preferences of each student. This personalized approach boosts their motivation to learn and enhances the quality of their results.
  • Utilize Cactus AI’s referral system. As a new member, you can take advantage of this system for additional benefits.

By following these tips, you can enhance your experience with Cactus AI and make the most of its capabilities as a student or educator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Cactus AI for free?

Absolutely, Cactus AI provides a good number of complimentary credits upon signing up. This allows you to utilize the platform without incurring any immediate expenses.

How many free credits will I get when I join Cactus AI?

After signing up, you receive 20,000 complimentary credits, providing you with plenty of chances to discover the platform.

How can I make use of the no-cost credits?

The complimentary credits from Cactus AI can be utilized to experiment with different features such as the essay generator, personal statement writer, coding helpers, and more.

Is Cactus AI completely free for usage?

Although Cactus AI isn’t entirely free, the initial free credits enable you to try out the platform and its features with no upfront expenses.

Are there restrictions on using it for free?

Unlike numerous AI platforms that set daily constraints on free usage, Cactus AI offers users nearly limitless credits, guaranteeing a wide-ranging and continuous learning opportunity.

What occurs if I use up all my complimentary credits?

If you use all your free credits, you have the option to buy a membership plan to keep using Cactus AI and experience extra advantages.


The Cactus AI platform is an impressive AI-driven educational tool that serves both students and teachers. While it’s not completely free, it presents a great chance to experience its capabilities with 20,000 complimentary credits upon setting up an account. By following the easy steps mentioned earlier, you can tap into the potential of Cactus AI and uncover how it boosts your learning process. Therefore, explore the Cactus AI site or get the app now to benefit from this inventive platform.


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